EU Green Week
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EU Green Week

Register now for the EU Green Week conference "Towards a water resilient Europe", on 29-30 May in Brussels.

Water is a vital shared resource to be passed down from generation to generation - essential for people, for the environment and for a just, sustainable, and resilient economy.

Citizens across the continent are facing a surge in natural disasters like droughts and floods, which have made the EU’s water challenges more severe and brought a new awareness of the need for water-resilience. Pressures on water resources come from decades of mismanagement of this precious resource, pollution, and ecosystem degradation, as well as from climate change. Worldwide, the water cycle is out of balance, closely intertwined with climate change and biodiversity loss, with each crisis worsening the other.

The 2024 EU Green Week is part of #WaterWIseEU, a campaign to stimulate an EU-wide conversation around water today and in the future. The campaign aims at fostering awareness and promoting positive, collaborative solutions. Organisations across Europe are invited to join the campaign now.

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