EU Council: Governments must act together to ‘build back better’
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EU Council: Governments must act together to ‘build back better’

As EU heads of state and government today discuss a collective response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Friends of the Earth Europe has called on them to act urgently and decisively and put addressing inequalities and the planetary emergency at the heart of a recovery plan.

Jagoda Munic, director of Friends of the Earth Europe, said:

“Europe faces at once a world pandemic and planetary emergency – we rely on our leaders to act in solidarity for the common interests of people and the planet. This summit would fail if it did not come out with a resounding commitment to ‘build back better’. Our governments must unite and direct relief funds to ensuring Europe is more resilient, equal, green and caring beyond Covid-19.
“Failure to put in adequate funds for the post-Covid transition to a sustainable and fair Europe, under a strengthened EU Green Deal, will just lock us in to planetary breakdown.
“Rather than weaken or delay action we need to double-down on the Just Transition and sustainable solutions for food, agriculture, energy, nature, and resource use.
“Fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, including upholding civic space, must be a non-negotiable prerequisite of any EU recovery plan.”

Civil society organisations working for the environment, human rights, civil liberties, women, youth, and other issues, and Trade Unions, have issued a joint call for the EU institutions and member states to work towards fundamental change in our social, economic and political systems in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Friends of the Earth Europe is supporting the call for the EU to invest in a green and just recovery.

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