Eastern Europe climate plans struggle to keep pace with EU’s green ambitions
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Eastern Europe climate plans struggle to keep pace with EU’s green ambitions

Brussels – An in-depth assessment published yesterday [1] by the European Commission of the 27 EU states’ National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) highlights the growing gap between what eastern members’ plan and the ambitious targets set in the European Green Deal.

NECPs include the specific policies, measures and investments that each Member State will follow to reach the 2030 climate and energy objectives of the EU. Yet with the Commission upping its proposed emissions reduction target from 40 to 55 per cent, and the European Parliament voting on Tuesday 6 October for as much as a 60 per cent reduction, eastern Member States are woefully underprepared in their climate plans to fulfill EU pledges.

A Bankwatch report from July [2] documented the ways in which both Member States and the Commission could focus scant pandemic recovery funds in the post 2020 EU budget to build on the few positive investments present in the NECPs at the time. Whilst the Commission assessment today is a step towards identifying these positives, it had already concluded in September [3] that eastern Europe’s plans are unambitious and do not involve citizens enough.

Raphael Hanoteaux, EU funds policy officer for CEE Bankwatch Network, said “These plans are not fit for purpose, and the Commission knows it. We are not on track to hit the updated 2030 target, meaning the NECPs cannot close on the European Green Deal.”

“Now the only way to effectively reach the 2030 and 2050 targets is by focusing on a green recovery and having an ambitious post 2020 EU budget. Business as usual will mean a lost decade for the climate.”

For more information contact:

Raphael Hanoteaux, EU funds policy officer
CEE Bankwatch Network
E-mail: raphaelh@bankwatch.org


[1] https://ec.europa.eu/energy/content/individual-assessments-and-summaries_en
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[3] https://ec.europa.eu/info/news/commission-publishes-assessment-national-energy-climate-plans-2020-sep-17_en

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