Climate.Brussels e-News 14.12.22
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Climate.Brussels e-News 14.12.22

One-third of EU countries have not yet introduced any measures to reduce energy demand
Measures taken by governments to reduce gas and electricity consumption vary widely across Europe and seem insufficient to meet the EU energy saving targets, a new analysis reveals. It’s four months since European leaders agreed to reduce their countries’ demand for gas by 15% and electricity by 10…
Red listed huntable birds threatened by invasive alien species
INVASIVE ALIEN SPECIES (IAS) AS A THREAT IAS can significantly undermine efforts to protect and restore nature. Besides inflicting major damage to nature and the economy, many IAS also facilitate the outbreak and spread of diseases, posing thereby a threat to humans and wildlife. Of the 1,872 specie…
Implementing the Green Deal: Commission launches Climate Resilience Dialogue
The dialogue will explore how insurance and other risk mitigation actions can contribute to climate resilience, from increasing climate risk insurance penetration, to incentives and investment in good adaptation solutions. Commissioner McGuinness and the panel at the launch of the Climate Resilience…
Making Safe-And-Sustainable-By-Design Framework For Chemicals Fit For Innovation
Under its Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, the European Commission pledged to develop a framework for safe and sustainable-by-design (SSBD) chemicals, which aims to boost innovation, increase protection of human health and the environment, and strengthen chemicals legislation. For the framewor…
The future of Europe’s rural areas: the European Parliament’s position
The European Parliament has today voted on the motion “A long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas”. Europe’s rural areas are home to 137 million people representing almost 30% of its population and over 80% of its territory. The motion includes important recognition of game management and its

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