Amplify your city’s climate action!
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Amplify your city’s climate action!

ICLEI Europe is part of a global team deploying a new lifestyle challenges app designed to help cities achieve their climate goals by effectively mobilising their constituencies and gaining access to valuable data that can shape future action.

To reach a wide citizen-base and increase the Climate Campaigners app’s impact in cities, a call for Amplifier Cities has been launched.

Amplifier Cities will:

  • Benefit from state of the art research into sustainable behaviour change,
  • Exchange knowledge among peers implementing sustainable lifestyle challenges,
  • Contribute to the development of the largest app dedicated to effective sustainable lifestyle challenges.

Amplifier Cities come in many sizes and represent a diverse range of regional, cultural, and demographic contexts. Local governments from across Europe and abroad are welcome.

More information for city representatives is available here. Cities can also apply directly to become an Amplifier City here until 7 February 2023.

Once selected, new Amplifier Cities will be invited to participate in a regular program of monthly workshops and exchanges on topics of sustainable lifestyle challenges, effective use of the app, best practices between Lighthouse Cities (e.g.: Dublin (Ireland), Grenoble (France), Lahti (Finland), Linz (Austria), Milan (Italy), Skopelos (Greece), Vilnius (Lithuania)) and Amplifier Cities, and invited experts.

For specific information on how your city can benefit from Climate Campaigners, please feel free to reach out to the Amplifier City initiative leads: Sophie Callahan ( and Ricardo Silva (

To learn more about the Climate Campaigners initiative and to download the app, visit the website and/or become part of a global community on Instagram and Facebook.

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