Absolicon Solar Collector AB joins Euroheat & Power!
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Absolicon Solar Collector AB joins Euroheat & Power!

We are delighted to welcome Absolicon Solar Collector AB as a new member of Euroheat & Power!

The world is rapidly changing. At Absolicon, we are committed to the transition to renewable heat and envision a sustainable industry. We help industries and cities change from fossil fuels providing a profitable, easy to install, and emission-free energy solution using solar thermal resources. Our latest solar collector is the Absolicon T160, with an operating temperature of up to 160°C, can supply heat and steam to a wide spectrum of processes and industrial segments. Together with the T160 Solar collector, Absolicon has developed a complete production line, with the capacity to produce more than 100 MWth per year. Our production lines supply local markets with high quality solar thermal collectors, minimizing transport costs and optimizing the logistics economy of the solar collectors.

Please visit https://www.absolicon.com/ for more information.

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