Zinc with a low climate footprint becomes a reality
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Zinc with a low climate footprint becomes a reality

Euromines congratulates its member company Boliden which has started sales of zinc with a low climate footprint. The new product emits less than 1 tonne of carbon dioxide emissions per tonne of zinc, compared with the industry average of 2.5 tonnes. Low carbon zinc will stand for 18 percent of Boliden's total zinc production.

For sustainable products we need sustainably mined metals and minerals. Improving sustainability and our well-being is only possible through new innovations and better applications. The European mining industry supplies metals and minerals that make these new developments possible. Access to raw materials will be decisive for a transition to a Low-Carbon society.

As highlighted by Rolf Kuby, Director General of Euromines: "The European mining industry has adopted ambitious carbon management policies and targets. Fostering to reduce, eliminate and offset emissions in operations includes a wide variety of strategies such as transitioning to electric vehicles, utilising advanced exploration technologies and optimising ore extraction. Boliden's zinc with a low climate footprint is an excellent example of constant improvement in the EU mining sector."

The main area of use for zinc is galvanization of steel structures, which protects against rust and extends the service life of the structures. Boliden is Europe's largest zinc miner and the third largest smelter.

The first customers with a signed agreement for low carbon zinc are Zinkpower and EverZinc. Deliveries of zinc with less than 1 tonne of CO2 per tonne of zinc will begin in February 2022.

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