Why diversity, inclusivity and equity matter in overcoming the EU's energy crisis and climate change #United4EU
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Why diversity, inclusivity and equity matter in overcoming the EU's energy crisis and climate change #United4EU

EU’s gas infrastructure operators stand united for Europe’s energy stability and climate. More than 220 000 talents from multiple countries, generations and of different backgrounds, skills, and genders work on providing solutions for a secure, decarbonised, and innovative energy system for Europe’s citizens and businesses. GIE is giving them the floor via a cross-media campaign #United4EU.

Over the coming weeks, Gas Infrastructure Europe, the association of Europe’s gas infrastructure operators, will put under the spotlight passionate industry colleagues who are bringing unprecedented solutions to the EU’s energy crisis. You will have the chance to meet dedicated gas infrastructure industry representatives that help keep the gas flowing: CEOs, legal experts, dispatchers, engineers, and people who are not always at the forefront but contribute to the EU’s energy stability and predictability.

“Gas infrastructure is a pillar for Europe’s decarbonisation and security of supply. At the same time, we support diversification, inclusivity and equity in our sector and within decision-making processes to help tackle issues around future energy needs in the best possible way. This year we’ve witnessed outstanding times, bringing the levels of challenges to new heights. Still, the good mix of talents within our industry has helped deliver energy to EU’s citizens to heat their homes, run their businesses and benefit from cleaner transport. Within GIE’s secretariat team, diversity is close to our heart, with colleagues from Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, France, Germany, Morocco and Romania. The only way forward is to enable a work environment where each and every talent is recognised.” Boyana Achovski, GIE Secretary General
“Energy, climate, diversity and inclusivity are intersecting priorities. In the gas infrastructure business, we take everyone on board. Creativity and innovation are at the core of what we do and need in this evolving environment. We cannot manage to deliver on the 2030 or 2050 targets without being more diverse. The future energy systems will be more and more integrated and sector coupled. Thus, knowledge and understanding between “silos” are important. We see the decarbonisation transition be a global task. It’s an outside-in perspective – getting good ideas from abroad into our sector. Into our solutions. We need to allow for creative out-of-the-box ideas to be assessed. An agile innovative approach.” Torben Brabo, GIE President

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