VDL Groep reveals fuel cell truck for Toyota’s European logistics
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VDL Groep reveals fuel cell truck for Toyota’s European logistics

Following the collaboration between Toyota Motor Europe and VDL Groep announced last May, the companies have now launched their first fuel cell demo truck. By integrating Toyota’s fuel cell technology into VDL heavy-duty trucks, Toyota aims to decarbonise its logistic operations in Europe.

This first demo truck will be used to perform road testing and evaluation of improvements towards the next steps of the project. VDL Groep is preparing four more fuel cell trucks, which will be used by Toyota’s logistic providers VOS Transport Group, CEVA, Groupe CAT and Yusen. These transportation companies will greatly contribute to the project by using the hydrogen trucks on their daily logistics routes passing by Belgium (Antwerp), France (Lille), Germany (Cologne), and the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Rotterdam). The four routes have at least one hydrogen refuelling station (HRS) each, including back-up solutions.

The cooperation between all parties is expected to consolidate the learnings on how to deploy fuel cell trucks on public roads and contribute to Europe’s ecological energy transition. The 5-year trial is expected to stimulate the further development of a sustainable hydrogen infrastructure across Europe meeting the AFIR requirements and allow for more carbon neutral hydrogen mobility solutions to emerge.

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