UNIDO, Hydrogen Europe ink partnership advancing H2 collaboration
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UNIDO, Hydrogen Europe ink partnership advancing H2 collaboration

Brussels – In a landmark event, UNIDO and Hydrogen Europe, the leading industry association representing the hydrogen sector, signed a Joint Declaration to strengthen the collaboration and accelerate the advancement of hydrogen technologies. The signing ceremony took place on 27 June 2023 before Hydrogen Europe’s General Assembly and Summer Market.

The Joint Declaration signifies a new phase of cooperation between UNIDO and Hydrogen Europe within the framework of the UNIDO Global Programme for Hydrogen in Industry. Hydrogen Europe, with over 450 members, including more than 30 EU regions and 35 national associations, plays a pivotal role in promoting hydrogen as a catalyst for a zero-emission society. UNIDO provides support to its 171 Member States on three focus areas: ending hunger by helping businesses from farm to fork; stopping climate breakdown by using renewable energy and energy efficiency to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions; and supporting sustainable supply chains so that developing country producers get a fair deal and scarce resources are preserved. The UNIDO Global Programme for Hydrogen aims to provide crucial support to developing countries in their endeavours to achieve net-zero industrial development through the production and use of clean hydrogen. By doing so, the programme aims to create job opportunities, enhance skills, mobilize investments, ensure energy security, and enable the participation of developing countries in the global hydrogen trade.

The expanded partnership outlined in the Joint Declaration encompasses various key areas, including:

• Knowledge Exchange and Capacity Building: UNIDO and Hydrogen Europe will foster collaboration on policies, technical skills, standards, and technologies to support clean hydrogen implementation in the industry. This exchange will enhance the understanding and utilization of hydrogen technologies within industrial processes.
• Promotion of Hydrogen Technologies: The collaboration aims to promote the adoption and deployment of hydrogen technologies across industrial sectors, unlocking their potential for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.
• Joint Events and Global Forum Activities: UNIDO and Hydrogen Europe will jointly organize events and participate in global forums to facilitate knowledge-sharing, discussion, and collaboration on hydrogen-related topics.
• Pilot Projects Development: The partnership will support the implementation of pilot projects in the industry, showcasing the feasibility and benefits of hydrogen adoption. Additionally, efforts will be made to facilitate the development of hydrogen industrial clusters and value chains.

Hydrogen Europe CEO Jorgo Chatzimarkakis and UNIDO Chief of Climate & Technology Partnership Petra Schwager mark the launch of the partnership

This partnership is set to leverage the vast network of knowledge, expertise, and resources of Hydrogen Europe, enabling UNIDO to access the latest developments, applications, and experiences related to hydrogen. Simultaneously, Hydrogen Europe will have the opportunity to collaborate on clean hydrogen projects in developing countries, contributing to the global transition towards sustainable and clean energy solutions.

Both UNIDO and Hydrogen Europe are confident that this collaboration formalized through the signing of the Joint Declaration, will harvest significant benefits for the industry and society at large.

“The collaboration between UNIDO and Hydrogen Europe represents a significant milestone in our shared mission to drive the global deployment of clean hydrogen for energy, economic, and social development. Together, we are positioned to make a global impact and drive transformative change towards a sustainable future,” said Petra Schwager, Chief of Climate & Technology Partnership Division, UNIDO

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe, added “The partnership between UNIDO and Hydrogen Europe marks a fruitful cooperation to promote the deployment of hydrogen at global scale as a means of energy, economic and social development, propelling us towards a more sustainable future. Together, we will orchestrate knowledge, expertise, and resources, harmonizing clean hydrogen technologies uptake and enhancing interconnected value chains, for global impact and transformative change.”

For more information, please contact hydrogen@unido.org or media@hydrogeneurope.eu.

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