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Don’t miss the 20th EPA 2022 Congress (12-14 September)  – Here’s why!

This year’s Congress will be an exceptionally important event for all of us in the parking industry, the mobility eco system, local administrators and citizens. After the disruption of the pandemic, rapid change is further disrupting established urban planning models. The impact of that change cannot be overstated. The various congress sessions will examine the effects of the political, technical and business factors that are driving change and highlight the potential challenges and opportunities in meeting the challenges of The Green New Deal.

The program summary is as follows: On Monday, the Congress opens with three plenary presentations:

1.      The EPA Survey on the state of electric vehicle charging in the EU - opportunities for the parking sector;

2.      The Green Deal: The European Commission’s view on integrated solutions for dynamic and sustainable urban management;

3.      Mobility space 3.0: ERTICO’s view of the role of parking in the world of multimodal mobility.

The topics will be discussed by a panel of distinguished international experts and will focus on the future of parking in the urban mobility scene for the benefit of over 500delegates from more than 30countries.

The opening session will set the scene for the next two days with six parallel technical sessions and further plenary sessions:

On Tuesday, the day gets off to a roaring start with the EPA Awards ceremony. This year’s competition received 41 entries from 12 countries showcasing the very best of our sector. The awards ceremony will be a fascinating show as the 18 finalists in the five categories are presented and the winners of the 2021/2022 EPA-Awards are finally announced by the EPA President and Hanne Decoutere.

· Session 1 - Smart parking, smart mobility, interoperability issues. The session will provide examples of good practice from Europe and the USA. The panel will discuss how data standards can facilitate the integration of parking into convenient, sustainable, multi-modal journeys.

· Session 2 - New business models in parking and mobility. Since COVID, we have seen new trends in the use of public space, for example on street parking transformed into space for walking and cycling. Estimations of those consequences and potential new business models for the parking industry such as mobility service hubs will be discussed.

· Session 3 - UVARs, Urban Vehicle Access Regulations as relationship between Access & Parking management. How can local authorities integrate UVARs and parking management policies to improve the quality of life in central urban areas for residents and businesses, workers and visitors?

· Session 4Curb side management/Urban space Management/Freight Logistics. These emerging topics will impact on both on and off-street parking. The curb side should be considered as a new type of real estate asset that needs to be actively managed to reduce congestion and generate revenue for cities.

· Plenary session - Parking and Mobility, Infrastructure and Urban Planning. This session examines ways to create the best urban environment for citizens, visitors and local economies given the impact of major developments and local policies.

· A special parallel session: The EPA-Parking Network Start up Stage, introducing Young Parking Professionals.

On Wednesday, we will continue the parallel technical sessions: Session 5 - Park4SUMP towards a parking Green Deal. Parking is an essential tool for reshaping urban mobility. Park4SUMP reflects the very best parking strategies in European cities.

· Session 6 - Automated Valet Parking (AVP) a progress update.This promises to be an eye-opening session with representatives from the automobile sector and a discussion on how this new technology can benefit the parking sector even before AVP cars are widely available.

The Congress will close with a ‘Not to be Missed’ Round Table featuring a prestigious panel of senior parking managers and leading parking specialists discussing the exciting possibilities for the future of our sector with it’s 40 million on and off street managed spaces in our 23 EU Country Member’s Association.

Parking management generates clean air and more public space in inner cities to make public life more enjoyable”! How?  Come and visit our 20thEPA Congress!

For further info: Theo Thuis–Chairman of the Scientific Committee– +31621253057

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