The Dawn of the New Energy Age: Apply now for the European Solar Prize 2023
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The Dawn of the New Energy Age: Apply now for the European Solar Prize 2023

Each year EUROSOLAR awards the most innovative renewable energy projects of Europe-wide and even global importance. Nominations and applications for the prestigious European Solar Prize (ESP) can now be submitted online.

“The European Solar Prize celebrates living, resilience and prosperity building models in the peaceful international cooperation to defeat humankind’s greatest threat: fossil climate chaos. It is therefore also the flagship program in EUROSOLAR’s Regenerative Earth Decade initiative.” declares Professor Peter Droege, President of EUROSOLAR and Chairman of the Jury.

Renewable Energy Diversity

In order to celebrate the diversity of successful renewable energy applications, EUROSOLAR awards the ESP in ten categories from municipalities to One-World-Cooperation, mobility solutions, solar architecture, urban development, businesses as well as projects, organisations and individuals in education and the media. An international expert jury chooses the winners for each year.

European Solar Prize Applications and Nominations

Applications and nominations for the European Solar Prize are invited anytime from now until September 30, 2022 and are to be submitted through our online portal. All projects must be realized and show tangible results. The key part of the application is a presentation highlighting aims, figures and benefits. Depending on the category, details on the approach, technologies, users, renewable energy production, financial benefits, or other core information may be important. Further information on the application and the jury’s evaluation criteria can be found online.

The Wealth of the European Solar Prize

EUROSOLAR has celebrated successful renewable energy innovations through the European Solar Prize since 1994. People, projects and organizations documented in the European Solar Prize archives establish a rich pool of regenerative practice for all Europeans, from practitioners to policymakers. Hundreds of winners of Europe-wide significance have thus been recognized and documented, together with EUROSOLAR’s important national prize programs awarded by its sections from Germany to Spain, and Italy to Austria.

The European Solar Prize is sponsored by C&U Baumeister-Stiftung für nachhaltige Technologie.


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