The Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal
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The Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal

Brussels, 18 April 2024: Over 1000 organisations, including BIBM, unite to call on EU Leaders to support the business case for investing in Europe with the European Industrial Deal.

The Antwerp Declaration, and its call for a European Industrial Deal, has seen a remarkable surge in support, having reached 1000 supporters from business leaders of companies, associations and Trade Union organisations representing 25 sectors across Europe, in an historic display of unity.

First presented by 73 industry leaders on 20 February at the European Industry Summit to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, the rapid increase in signatures underscores the pressing need for concerted action in the face of unparalleled economic challenges.

Stefan Van Buggenhout, BIBM President, stressed the critical need for collaboration: “The future of Europe depends on industries working together. That is why over 1000 organisations are uniting today to prioritize the Industrial Deal in the new European Strategic Agenda. We need a strong plan to enhance competitiveness, simplify regulations, and increase funding for clean technologies. We thus ask EU leaders to include our request in the new EU Strategic Agend for the next five years and to integrate the Industrial Deal into the new European Commission's framework.”

The European Council in April and the Competitiveness Council in May, the Letta and Draghi reports, the Clean Transition Dialogues, and the Antwerp Declaration all come together in a historic moment for industry in Europe.

The Antwerp Declaration serves as a wake-up call to decision-makers in Europe, laying out a widely agreed framework of ten key points outlining the need to address high energy prices, establishing common European infrastructure, secure raw material supplies, foster a smarter innovation framework, and stimulate demand for sustainable products. The declaration also advocates for a robust investment framework for technologies and calls for leveraging the single market to ensure businesses remain in Europe.

The Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal is now open to individuals who wish to express their support in a personal capacity.

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