Sustainability is not an option, it is needed to remain on the market
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Sustainability is not an option, it is needed to remain on the market

In the context of its 2022 General Assembly meeting held in Limassol (Cyprus) on 13 May, FIEC organised a conference on the issue of ‘Sustainable Construction to tackle climate change’.

In addition to discussing and exchanging views and best practice on how Sustainability is implemented in a country like Cyprus, the conference has also been the opportunity to present FIEC vision of Sustainability.

Construction is strictly linked with climate change, circular economy, the green transition and decarbonisation policies. “In an industry that relies on an extensive supply chain and a wide stakeholders’ communityexplained Piero Petrucco, FIEC Vice-President FIEC is aware that the implementation of sustainability into business, and the achievement of development combined with green growth, requires a holistic approach based on 3 pillars stemming from and resulting the environmental, social and economic dimensions”. For this purpose, the Federation reiterates its commitment towards broader global and EU flagships, namely the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Agreement and the Green Deal.

The integration of sustainability aspects is among our priorities to provide solutions to the key sectoral challenges and according to the criteria set at EU, international and national level” said Petrucco, adding how the transitional processhas already started despite some construction companies still have to include or improve sustainability in their business model impacting the infrastructure for renewable energy, alternative mobility concepts, etc.

Beyond requirements, sustainability management turns into a moral licence to operate and a way to stay competitive in the markethighlighted Petrucco.

The document “FIEC vision of sustainability” can be downloaded from the FIEC website.

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