Strategic Foresight Report key for evidence-based policy-making
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Strategic Foresight Report key for evidence-based policy-making

Today, the European Commission adopted its first ever "Strategic Foresight Report: charting the course towards a more resilient Europe".

The Commission’s aim to identify emerging challenges and opportunities to better steer the European Union's strategic choices can help desig evidence-based and future-proof policies to support the EU's swift economic recovery.

For years European business has called for long-term strategic thinking at EU level, especially with a view to completing the Single Market, developing a smart and modern industrial policy, defending free trade and making better regulation "fit for the future". In all these areas, it remains important to take the views of European companies into account.

BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer said: "In times of global uncertainties, a geopolitical approach is the right choice. The Corona pandemic has shown that a strong and resilient European Union is more important than ever. The Strategic Foresight Report can help us make Europe more resilient economically, but can also support our geopolitical, social, green and digital policy objectives. Only if we act as a strong and united European Union, will we be able to defend our European values internally and externally. Recent events have also proven that our foreign policy needs to be strengthened. We stand ready to work with the European institutions to deliver on a positive, pro-European agenda for growth, jobs and resilience."

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