SolarPower Europe unveils new logo and identity to celebrate its 35th anniversary
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SolarPower Europe unveils new logo and identity to celebrate its 35th anniversary

In the context of the first-ever virtual SolarPower Summit, SolarPower Europe celebrated its 35th anniversary by unveiling a new logo and corporate identity.

The 35th anniversary event included appearances from Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission; Bertrand Piccard, Initiator and Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation; Ditte Juul Jørgensen, Director-General of DG ENER; Director-General Raffaele Mauro Petriccione of DG CLIMA; and a range of MEPs from the European Parliament.

“2019 was a record year for solar, adding more new power generation capacity in the EU than any other energy technology, doubling to 16.7 GW. Moreover, all of our market intelligence demonstrates that solar’s growth phase will continue in Europe. This was recently confirmed by the International Energy Agency, which stated that solar power will be Europe’s largest power generation source within the next five years. To celebrate solar’s success, to mark our 35th anniversary, and to set the stage for the solar decade ahead, I am very pleased with SolarPower Europe’s new identity that will make us shine on even more as we lead the energy transition to a climate-neutral EU.” – Aristotelis Chantavas, President of SolarPower Europe

“We are at the beginning of a new decade, a defining decade for our technology and for climate action. Solar is a key solution to address many challenges of our time, from energy poverty, climate mitigation, and the clean energy transition. We are convinced that solar will lead the transition – no other technology is as versatile, job-intensive, or popular. Solar will play a major role in re-shaping the world for the better, and for ensuring a clean and just energy future for all Europeans. What better way to enter this solar decade than with a fresh identity, we are delighted to reveal SolarPower Europe’s new logo and vision, which captures the innovation, ambition, and optimism that is at the heart of our association.” – Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe

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