Solar Heat is SMART: Manifesto for the next legislative term
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Solar Heat is SMART: Manifesto for the next legislative term

Brussels, 8 April 2024 – Ahead of the upcoming elections, the European solar heating and cooling sector unveils its Manifesto today, making a compelling case for the pivotal role of Solar Heat in the energy transition and Europe’s economy. The Manifesto aims to inform the incoming decision-makers about the benefits and opportunities that the solar thermal technology offers for a sustainable energy future, being a clean, renewable and off-grid supplier of heat.

The solar thermal technology harnesses solar energy to supply hot water and heating to homes, buildings, and industries. While based on a straightforward principle, it continues to evolve through innovation and plays a crucial role in achieving energy efficiency and renewable energy targets, complementing other renewable and clean technologies. Produced in Europe, solar thermal represents a decentralised solution that strengthens Europe’s energy independence. It ensures stable prices by relying on the sun's free energy, with the added benefit of built-in thermal storage. 


SMART: It is based on a creative yet simple and impactful adjective that the Solar Heat sector chooses to position itself for its manifesto.


The Manifesto launched by its Association, Solar Heat Europe, outlines the benefits of solar thermal energy and provides the next generation of policymakers and legislators with a set of strategic guidelines for supportive measures to the sector. These are meant to accelerate the energy transition in a way that benefits EU citizens and the economy and call to:

  1. Urgently set a new Renewable Heating & Cooling strategy for Buildings & Industry
  2. Protect, support and incentivise EU Cleantech SMEs
  3. Prioritise the deployment of affordable renewable heat solutions
  4. Emphasise positive externalities such as resilience and recyclability.
  5. Enable and support the tripling of the solar thermal roll out by 2030 

Guglielmo Cioni, President of Solar Heat Europe, highlighted the critical need for implementing measures already adopted at the European level, stating: “The Fit for 55 package negotiated during the current mandate has brought a lot of opportunities and targets for industry, cities and Member States: its successful implementation, in an open, objective way across Member States is absolutely key.”
Valérie Séjourné, Managing Director of Solar Heat Europe continued: “Your support in this new cycle is going to be critical to make this implementation a success. Collaborative efforts to enhance the visibility and action towards heat decarbonisation and modernisation are absolutely needed. We call for a Renewable Heating and Cooling Action Plan addressing heating & cooling demand from buildings and industry, based on various decentralised solutions, adding resilience to the energy system, including dedicated roadmaps for direct renewable heating solutions, such as solar thermal”. 
Solar Heat Europe would like to warmly thank the partners who have contributed to its Manifesto, notably the Solar Impulse Foundation, the Cool Heating Coalition, the International Copper Institute Europe and GCP Europe. It is only by working together that we will make the energy transition a success.
The Manifesto ‘Solar Heat is SMART’ can be accessed on the Solar Heat Europe website.





Note for the editors:

About Solar Heat Europe:

Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF’s mission is to promote solar heat as a key technology for the decarbonisation of heating and cooling in Europe and to realise the high potential of solar heat in the energy transition. With members in more than 15 European countries, Solar Heat Europe members cover different parts of the value chain, being based in countries as diverse as Finland or Cyprus. 



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