RWE begins construction of Polish wind farm Żnin
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RWE begins construction of Polish wind farm Żnin

  • The 48 MW wind farm will supply up to 77,000 Polish households with green electricity
  • The wind farm is scheduled to commence operation by the end of 2023
  • Preparation underway to build the 350 MW F.E.W. Baltic II offshore wind farm
  • RWE begins construction and installation of wind turbines at its 17th wind farm in Poland. The new onshore wind farm will be located near the town of Żnin in Kujawsko-Pomorskie, about 260 kilometers east of Szczecin.

“The investment made by RWE is part of the direction the municipality and the entire region is taking towards green energy. We are already installing photovoltaic systems on public buildings and encouraging residents to replace their heat sources. Thanks to the investment by one of the world's leading energy companies, the grid will now be powered by green electricity in about ten months, benefiting the environment in Poland. As part of the wind farm community package significant funds will be donated to the our town thus meeting the expectations of residents who want to live in an ecological region,” says Robert Luchowski, the Mayor of Żnin.

The entire park will consist of 16 wind turbines. RWE has secured support in the auction system (CfD, Contract for Difference) for the Żnin project with a capacity of 48 megawatts (MW).

“The construction work to prepare the infrastructure, such as path work and the pouring of the foundations, will now begin. The construction of a wind farm also offers benefits to the farmers in the surrounding area: We will create new access roads and pavements. This will facilitate access to the fields and thus improve daily operations. At the beginning of 2023, the community of Żnin will be able to watch the process of installation of wind turbines,” says Wojciech Borkowski, who is responsible for project implementation at RWE Renewables Poland.

The wind farm is scheduled to be commissioned in the fourth quarter of next year.

Expansion of green energy in Poland

A few weeks ago, RWE successfully commissioned its 16th Rozdrażew wind farm with a capacity of 16.8 MW. After fourteen months of construction, the seven turbines generate enough green power to meet the needs of more than 27,000 Polish households.

In western Poland, about 100 kilometers from Szczecin, in the municipality of Mieszkowice, RWE is building another wind farm: two wind turbines will produce enough green energy to meet the annual electricity needs of another 8,800 households. The Polish government has signed a 15-year CfD with the company for the 7 MW Wierzchlas project.

In addition to the Wierzchlas wind farm, the Dolice (48 MW) and Lech Nowy Staw III (12 MW) wind farms are also awaiting permits. RWE is diversifying its Polish renewable energy portfolio by investing in photovoltaic projects. RWE is also active in the offshore sector in Poland. The company is at an advanced stage of preparation for the construction of the 350 MW F.E.W. Baltic II project and has submitted applications for new permits in the Baltic Sea.

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