Renewables in Mozambique to Scale up through Business Conference in Maputo
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Renewables in Mozambique to Scale up through Business Conference in Maputo

The Lusophone Renewable Energy Association (ALER), the Mozambican Renewable Energy Association

(AMER), and the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) are joining forces to organise the Business Conference - Renewables in Mozambique on 6-7 December 2022 in Maputo, with the support of GET. invest Mozambique, funded by the European Union and Germany, and part of the European programme GET.invest.

The agenda for the two-day event includes insightful sessions, B2B matchmaking opportunities, an exhibition, a reception, exclusive side event(s), the launch of the EDFI ElectriFi country window, and more. Expected to gather around 250 stakeholders from the renewable energy sector, the conference will attract private and public sector representatives, such as national government institutions, international development organisations, investors, financiers, project developers and technology providers.

Mozambique has one of the largest power generation potentials in Southern Africa, but its renewable energy resources, ranging from solar and wind to hydro, remain untapped. In view of this, the event aims to raise awareness of the business and investment potential the country offers for the private sector.

The attendees will have the chance to network throughout the two-day event. In addition to the GET.invest Matchmaking sessions, industry developers will have the opportunity to meet investors, financiers and government officials during breaks and the reception.

The German Ambassador to Mozambique, Lothar Freischlader said: “Universal access to energy through clean and reliable sources in Mozambique can only be achieved through close collaboration between dedicated partners. That is the reason why energy has been established as one of the three priority areas of the Mozambican-German cooperation. Through its donorship to GET.invest, Germany is highly committed to leveraging private investments in the Mozambican renewable energy sector. Thus, by providing stakeholders with new developments and business opportunities in the country, this conference is of utmost importance towards this ambition of universal access to energy and a just energy transition.”

Moreover, EDFI ElectriFi will launch its country window to unlock, accelerate and leverage private sector investment to increase or improve access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy in Mozambique.

The European Union Ambassador to Mozambique, Antonino Maggiore said: “In line with the European Green Deal aiming to transform Europe into the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, the EU supports Mozambique in its double ambition of universal access to energy and a just energy transition. Since private investment is crucial to reach these objectives, the EU focuses on support to a conducive business environment. At the same time, the EU seeks to de-risk investments through innovative financial instruments combining grant, debt, equity and guarantees. This conference will give all stakeholders the opportunity to assess progress made and define the future. The EU is also proud to launch a specific

Country Window for Mozambique of the Electrification Financing Initiative or “ElectriFI”. This initiative aims to unlock, accelerate and leverage private sector investment by a combination of Technical Assistance and risk capital for companies active in the on- and off-grid renewable energy sector in emerging markets”.

Finally, the exhibition will allow renewable energy solution providers to showcase their innovative products and technologies while giving them the maximum visibility in the Mozambican energy access sector.

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