Renewable Gas Trade Fair 2024
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Renewable Gas Trade Fair 2024

The Renewable Gas Trade Fair 2024           -           October 1-2, 2024

In 2024, the Renewable Gas Trade Fair will be held again after the magnificent reception that the third edition of the event had by professionals in the sector last October. The Spanish Biogas Association (AEBIG), as a technical partner, and the Spanish Biomass Association (AVEBIOM), as the organizing entity, launch this new edition with the aim of continuing to accompany the sector in its definitive drive to become a fundamental engine of the decarbonization and competitiveness of our economy. In the fourd edition, which is held on October 1 and 2, 2024 at Feria de Valladolid, exhibitors will show the latest technological innovations that will allow them to take advantage of the business opportunities that are opening up in the coming years on the peninsula.

Why participate?

The demand for gas is very high in Spain and throughout Europe, the renewable gas sector should only worry about producing with guarantees and quality. The current situation of the fossil gas market, with prices constantly rising, uncertainty regarding the stability of supply and skyrocketing emission rights, is forcing the energy transition to be accelerated.

Take the opportunity

At present, there is a clear political commitment in Spain for these technologies that had not been manifested to date. Spain is already working to define a stable framework to make biomethane development a reality, as required by the European Green Deal , the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan and the draft Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition.

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