Provaris, Norwegian H2 finalise study on H2 export
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Provaris, Norwegian H2 finalise study on H2 export

Australian Provaris Energy and Norwegian Hydrogen AS have completed a pre-feasibility study on hydrogen export, demonstrating the potential for low-cost delivery of green hydrogen from Norway to Europe, commencing in 2027.

According to Provaris, a preferred site in Norway has been identified for the development of a production facility to deliver up to 50,000 tonnes of green hydrogen to Europe, commencing in 2027, with a competitive delivered cost of hydrogen that includes a marine transport cost of €1.00-1.50/kg (includes: compression, jetty, storage, shipping, scavenge, and discharge).

To note, Provaris informed that the scope of the study includes the selection of a preferred coastal site in Norway, renewable power supply, production of hydrogen, compression facilities, infrastructure requirements for jetty loading, Provaris’ H2Leo storage solution and a fleet of two H2Neo carriers, as well as import partners required at the identified import location connected to the planned EU H2 backbone and distribution system.

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