7 Guidelines to Boost the Deployment of CCU for the New EU Political Cycle
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7 Guidelines to Boost the Deployment of CCU for the New EU Political Cycle

Ahead of the upcoming European elections, CO₂ Value Europe just released 7 Policy Guidelines to accelerate the deployment of Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) through an adequate policy framework for the new EU institutional cycle (2024-2029).

The guidelines take stock of the results of CO₂ Value Europe’s recent quantitative assessment of the contribution of CCU to climate neutrality, estimating that CCU deployment will correspond to 21% of the emission reductions achieved from technological efforts.

Therefore, climate neutrality in 2050 will not be achieved if an appropriate regulatory framework allowing Europe to unleash the full potential of CCU technologies is not put in place.

We called on the EU institutions to:

1️⃣ Support the scaling up of carbon capture.

2️⃣ Embrace the concept of carbon circularity.

3️⃣ Reinforce and synchronise support of CCU technologies at the EU and Member State level through dedicated instruments.

4️⃣ Create new legal obligations to use alternative carbon feedstock (i.e. quotas).

5️⃣ Put in place market uptake mechanisms (e.g. public procurement).

6️⃣ Reinforce and unblock the role of CCU fuels (both renewable fuels of non-biological origin and recycled carbon fuels).

7️⃣ Develop strong standards and applicable compliance mechanisms.

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