Online capacity building programme shares insights on smart energy solutions
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Online capacity building programme shares insights on smart energy solutions

A new e-learning platform on sustainable energy solutions has just launched. The online Capacity Building Programme created by SESA - Smart Energy Solutions for Africa, is designed to close the knowledge gap around renewable and smart energy solution technologies and aims to help participants understand what alternative technologies exist and how they work.

The programme is open to all participants who want to enter the world of sustainable energy, seek alternatives to traditional energy sources and opt for sustainable development in both urban and rural contexts.

The first e-learning course, Solar Energy, is now available through the NUA Campus platform and dives into the basics of electricity and energy produced through solar irradiations, the current technological options available, and key elements to consider when planning and setting up a solar energy installation. Following the course’s eight lessons and informative videos, additional readings, and a webinar to discuss with experts, participants will be awarded with a certificate of completion.

As Silvia Assalini, Officer for Sustainable Resources, Climate, and Resilience at ICLEI Europe notes, "The Capacity Building Programme has been designed with the insight from technical experts within the SESA project with the objective to fill the knowledge gaps identified with local representatives in the partner countries. Through the opportunity to explore different technologies at their own pace, test their understanding, and get clarifications by experts, participants will leave with a deeper understanding of how such technologies work, how they can be implemented and, most importantly, how their deployment can benefit their communities.

Subsequent courses will be added to the programme in the coming months and will cover a range of technologies investigated within the scope of the SESA project including clean cooking, waste to energy, electric mobility, second life EV batteries, smart microgrid and system integration, and rural internet access.

The Capacity Building Programme is one of several capacity building activities within the SESA project, including a peer-to-peer exchange between representatives from the project’s living labs and several European cities. As part of an upcoming exchange in May, SESA is organising a study tour for a delegation from the African living labs to ICLEI Europe members Barcelona (Spain), Cascais (Portugal) and Gothenburg (Sweden). The objective for participants will be to learn more about smart energy solution technologies and their deployment in Europe as well as exchange with European cities and businesses on creating cooperation with additional stakeholders, including private sector, public sector, academia and local communities. Later on, experts from European cities will be invited to the living labs to further exchange on local implementation and new approaches to common challenges.

To learn more about the SESA Project, click here. To register for SESA’s Capacity Building Programme, click here.

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