Mobile phone Eco Rating scheme expands to 35 countries
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Mobile phone Eco Rating scheme expands to 35 countries

EE, NOS, and Proximus have joined the Eco Rating labelling scheme that was initially launched by Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica (operating under the O2, Movistar and Vivo brands), Telia Company and Vodafone in May 2021. Proximus launched the scheme early 2022 and EE and NOS will be rolling out Eco Rating to their customers in the coming months.

Since launching in 24 European countries from May 2021, the Eco Rating scheme has further expanded to another 11 countries and is available to consumers in 35 countries across Europe, Africa, South America and soon in Asia/Pacific.

Most key European suppliers are now covered by Eco Rating, due to extensive telco engagement with mobile phone suppliers. The rating provides incentives to improve the environmental performance of mobile phones on the market, illustrated by the increase of the average Eco Rating score from 74 to 76 out of a maximum 100 since launch 18 months ago.

Through the rating scheme, Eco Rating helps consumers compare the environmental impact of mobile phones, enabling them to make more eco-conscious choices. Eco Rating provides consistent, accurate information at retail and online on the environmental impact of producing, using, transporting and disposing of smartphones and feature phones. It looks holistically at the whole environmental footprint.

Eco Rating has launched a new database to enable consumers to compare scores for all assessed devices from the participating suppliers online via The database can be searched and filtered by brand, model, and scores for better informed decision making.

Eco Rating has developed criteria to promote carbon efficiency and e-waste reduction, including actions such as, alternatives to plastic packaging, improved device durability, extended warranties and longer maintenance support.

Eco rating 85/100

With more than 300 phones analyzed by device life cycle experts at the Eco Rating Consortium, an updated scoring methodology is set to be published from January 2023. The aim of the update is to incentivize mobile device manufacturers in areas with a greater potential to improve.

Consumers can learn more about the initiative and see how the rating is calculated by visiting

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