Infinium Joins CO2 Value Europe
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Infinium Joins CO2 Value Europe

CO2 Value Europe has recently welcomed Infinium as a member of its dynamic and rapidly growing community active in developing Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) technology across Europe.

Infinium is an electrofuels provider on a mission to decarbonise the world and is actively developing power-to-X projects globally, with a focus today on opportunities in Europe and North America.

Electrofuels are a new class of synthetic fuels made from renewable power and waste carbon dioxide instead of petroleum. Infinium electrofuels can be dropped into existing trucks, planes, and ships, significantly reducing harmful carbon dioxide emissions compared to fossil-based fuels. In addition to significantly reducing CO2 emissions, these fuels lower other classes of environmental pollutants such as NOx, SOx, particulate matter and carbon black that are common in areas of high industrial activity and ports. Infinium synthetic fuels are also a lower carbon alternative for chemical processing, including plastics production.

Infinium’s products:

  • Infinium synthetic SAF is an ultra-low carbon, energy-dense, drop-in fuel that can contribute to decarbonise aviation without new infrastructure or operational switching costs.
  • Infinium eDiesel is an ultra-low carbon fuel that can be used in existing diesel applications such as trucking and shipping.
  • Infinium eNaphtha is an ultra-low carbon chemical and plastic feedstock produced from renewable energy, water, and captured carbon dioxide.

Our new member is actively working to establish clean fuel hubs around the world, and it has been consolidating its commitment to a future of clean energy by actively partnering with leading renewable power producers and industry players, including CO2 Value Europe members Engie and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Infinium as an electrofuel projects developer also gives the company exposure to the market and policy considerations that would enable the growth of CCU opportunities globally.

For more info, please visit Infinium’s website.

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