Hydrogen Europe publishes “Heroes of Hydrogen” photobook
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Hydrogen Europe publishes “Heroes of Hydrogen” photobook

Hydrogen Europe is delighted to announce the publication of “Heroes of Hydrogen”, a picture book detailing important hydrogen projects around Europe. The book was officially launched at Hydrogen Europe’s Autumn Market reception during the European Hydrogen Week from Oct. 24 to 28 in Brussels.

It tells the story of heroes making hydrogen the foundation of climate neutrality. Courageous entrepreneurs are putting their business soul into the development of renewably produced hydrogen for many different applications.

From the North Sea to the Adriatic, these stories portray people who believe in a more sustainable future and a new industrial revolution. To bring the beauty and reality of hydrogen to readers, Hydrogen Europe collaborated with award winning British-Belgian photographer Justin Jin on this project.

On 19.10.2022, representatives of Hydrogen Europe had the honour to share the first copy of the book with His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, who stated: “We all feel it. Opportunities to transform our energy system are opening up before our eyes, with the help of green hydrogen combined with sustainable electricity and heat. However, we will need all our creativity and organisational skills to seize the opportunities hydrogen is offering. Operations need to be scaled up. Networks need to connect. Knowledge – and energy – need to flow. So everyone of you is part of the solution!”

Hydrogen Europe would like to warmly thank all the “heroes” of our book that generously shared their stories and time with us.

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