German Solar Prize Award 2020 - Changemakers of the new decade
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German Solar Prize Award 2020 - Changemakers of the new decade

Münster/Germany. EUROSOLAR and the EnergyAgency.NRW awarded the German Solar Prize to outstanding projects in the field of renewable energies last Saturday at the H7, Münster harbor. The six award winners enjoyed an exciting exchange of ideas - at a distance.

The German Solar Prize 2020 goes to:

Cities/municipalities, counties, public utilities:

The utility company Bordesholm GmbH, for the construction of a battery storage system for an independent municipal power supply with renewable energies

Solar architecture and urban development:

heilergeiger architekten und stadtplaner BDA in Kempten for the resource-saving and sustainable restoration of the Karoline Goldhofer daycare center

The city of Freiburg for the "Rathaus im Stühlinger", the largest public net zero energy building in Europe

Industrial, commercial or agricultural companies/enterprises:

The Next2Sun GmbH in Merzig (Saar) for the forward-looking symbiosis of renewable power generation and sustainable agriculture.

Local or Regional Associations/Communities:

The Energiegewinner eG in Cologne for enabling simple and fair participation of citizens in regional renewables.

Special Award for Personal Commitment:

Prof. Volker Quaschning, HTW Berlin, for his outstanding achievement in educating people about renewable energies and climate protection.

Dr. Hermann Scheer (†), winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize, created the German and European Solar Prize Awards to honour outstanding projects in renewable energies. Communities, companies, associations or organizations, journalists and private individuals have been receiving the EUROSOLAR e.V. prize for their commitment to renewable energies since 1994.

The European Solar Prize Award will be awarded in autuum.

Find out more about the German Solar Prize and European Solar Prize.

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