Future of Plastics Packaging Explored in Two BPF Seminars
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Future of Plastics Packaging Explored in Two BPF Seminars

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) is hosting two half-day online seminars on plastics packaging in October. ‘What Next for Plastics Packaging?’, taking place 18 October, will explore legislative changes and innovations for rigid packaging. ‘The Future of Flexible Packaging’, taking place 19 October, will examine new developments in flexible packaging. Both these events are sponsored by PlasticsEurope.

‘What Next for Plastics Packaging?’ will include a session looking at ‘Determining Recyclability with EPR’ where Margaret Bates, executive director of OPRL, will present on how extended producer responsibility will affect the plastics packaging industry.

The event will also feature a talk from Alexandre De Joybert, senior manager at PlasticsEurope, who will provide an overview of packaging legislation from across the continent and what impact these legislative changes will have.

The event also includes a session from Rob Thompson, head of policy and infrastructure at the Co-op Group, who will provide a retailer’s perspective, looking at the Co-Ops plans for the future and how these could affect the plastics industry.

The second event, ‘The Future of Flexible Packaging’, will feature a session called ‘Innovations in Flexible Packaging’ where Mary Corcoran, regulatory affairs manager at Amcor, will provide an in-depth look at new techniques in producing flexible packaging that will affect the industry.
Later, Stuart Hayward-Higham, technical development director at SUEZ, will be discussing ‘Investments in Sorting and the Ability to Collect Films and Flexibles’.

Each event costs £49 + VAT for BPF and PlasticsEurope members and £99 + VAT for non-members.
A discount is available for those wishing to book both events.

For a full list of speakers and to book your place, visit bpf.co.uk.

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