European Parliament EPP Group endorse EU 45% renewable target for 2030
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European Parliament EPP Group endorse EU 45% renewable target for 2030

In line with the #Yesto45RES campaign, today the European People’s Party Group in the European Parliament have endorsed a minimum 45% renewables target for the EU for 2030.

Markus Pieper MEP, the lead parliamentarian (‘rapporteur’) on the Renewable Energy Directive file, has revised February proposals that endorsed the 40% renewables target put forward by the European Commission. In recognition of the evolving situation in Ukraine, and the role of energy policy within security policy, the EPP Group now support a 45% renewable target for the EU for 2030.

Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe said, “Now, more than ever, we know energy policy is security policy. The ‘Yes to 45% RES’ campaign has called for an EU minimum 45% renewables target by 2030, based on the most cost-efficient trajectory to climate neutrality by 2050, but the invasion of Ukraine has brought renewed geopolitical urgency to the renewable transition.”

“European domestic energy production is a fundamental strategic decision, and solar stands ready to deploy 1.5million solar rooftops, and 30 GW of solar, before the end of 2022. With the right frameworks in place, we can go even further, faster.”

The Yes to 45% RES campaign launched in December 2021 and calls on the European Parliament and Member States to increase EU renewables ambition to a minimum 45% target for 2030.

The campaign is supported by 10 energy and city associations, as well as leading climate scientists who have contributed to IPCC reports. Luxembourg Energy Minister, Claude Turmes, has endorsed the campaign through video message.

Hemetsberger continued, “With the EPP’s decision to support a 45% target, we look to the wider European Parliament, and eventually the Council, to uphold this ambition. Together we must ensure its translation into real action on the ground, for a future-proof Europe that can tackle climate change, and ensure energy security.”

{Originally published 04/03/22}

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