European grassland equipment markets stabilize
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European grassland equipment markets stabilize

The European market for grassland equipment showed a stable number in sales unitsin the season July 2021-June 2022. The world market for milk products led to a good margin for dairy farmers, and their willingness to invest in professional implements to harvest grass. The total volume would have been bigger than last season if manufacturers had no disruptions in their supply chain. Grassland equipment includes the product categories loader wagons, mowers, rakes and tedders.

Although the drought in multiple regions might temper the actual presales, the market forecast of dairy products is very positive. In this balanced market, combined with the developments in farming practice to focus on harvesting good quality grass, manufacturers have confidence in the season 2022-2023. New smart technology and increased capacity will honor the farmers’ demand. Only increasing purchase prices and delivery times for raw materials and components might cause disruptions.

The CEMA Product Groups are associations of the leading European manufacturers of agricultural equipment. The main focus is placed on the joint assessment of the market based on dedicated statistics. Currently, 11 companies are members of the CEMA Product Group Grassland Equipment. Prerequisite for participation is the membership in a national industry association, which belongs to the European umbrella association CEMA.

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