EuropaBio Statement on the publication of the New European Innovation Agenda
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EuropaBio Statement on the publication of the New European Innovation Agenda

July 7, 2022, Brussels - EuropaBio welcomes the publication of the New European Innovation Agenda (EIA) by the European Commission, which contains initiatives that can contribute to the development of the European biotechnology industry and to deep tech innovation in Europe. The EU should continue to pursue relevant initiatives to make full use of its scientific and industrial excellence to create the necessary conditions for the growth of biotechnology and other innovative industries across Europe.

Several new initiatives proposed under the EIA are set to contribute to move Europe in the right direction, whether it is through allowing innovators to experiment more freely through the creation of regulatory sandboxes, by connecting innovation ecosystems through new regional cooperation structures, improving access to finance for European start-ups and scale-ups, or by attracting and retaining talent in the EU.

Going forward, the EU should focus on legislation that continues to improve an innovation-friendly environment in Europe, facilitating a greater scale of investment and significant global market share originating from Europe. This will further contribute towards tomorrow’s cutting-edge technologies being developed and launched in Europe, dovetailing with initiatives such as the EIA to support the twin green and digital transitions and overall EU sustainability ambitions.

A science-based, proportionate, and predictable policy approach would help leverage the full potential of biotechnology, including new genomic techniques, to benefit citizens, the economy, and the environment. Further promotion of education, training, and skills development to foster European industrial competitiveness and innovation in key enabling technologies (such as biotechnology), will also be critical for Europe’s future, and its ability to achieve strategic autonomy.

Biotechnology already plays and will continue to play a significant role in making European societies healthier, more sustainable, and will help the EU deliver for its citizens in the face of the systemic and global challenges we face in the 21st century.

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