EuropaBio celebrates its inaugural Healthcare BioForum
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EuropaBio celebrates its inaugural Healthcare BioForum

EuropaBio held its first Healthcare BioForum to discuss how innovation, investment and excellence in healthcare biotechnology can help to achieve a competitive environment in Europe. The high-level policy event brought together EuropaBio members and representatives of the EU institutions who exchanged on how to realise Europe’s full potential for healthcare biotechnology in the context of the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe.

‘We were delighted to bring together members and EU policymakers at our inaugural Healthcare BioForum and discuss how the EU can lead other regions in the world. In the context of global challenges that we face and amazing advances in science, a revision of the pharmaceutical legislation is a pivotal moment which will define how the EU addresses the health needs of Europeans from a thriving healthcare biotechnology sector. Our new Forum will serve as a platform for future discussions and understanding between companies, including SMEs, and policymakers.’ said Dr Claire Skentelbery, Director General of EuropaBio.

The discussions highlighted the importance of dialogue and collaboration between industry and policymakers to make Europe an attractive and prosperous ecosystem for healthcare biotechnology. Participants also raised the need to improve Europe’s regulatory efficiency to close the gap with other regions and accelerate the timeframe for bringing medicines from bench to patients.

The discussions also revealed the necessity for stability and predictability to attract investments in Europe and to continue to bridge the gap between basic research and clinical development. In addition, participants agreed on the need for foster the EU’s complex and fragile innovation ecosystem that brings together academia, SMEs, and innovative pharmaceutical companies. The Forum concluded with an outlook for Europe’s healthcare biotechnology in 2030.

The event report with outcomes and recommendations will be published over the coming weeks.

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