EU-US: business looks forward to a new era of partnership
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EU-US: business looks forward to a new era of partnership

Today marks the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States of America. It should also mark a new era for transatlantic relations that hopefully will be more cooperative and less conflictive.

An important signal, showing that a renewed dialogue has begun would be the elimination or at least suspension of tariffs while the two administrations negotiate a solution to the long-standing Airbus-Boeing disputes. In the medium term, the objective should be developing a common agenda, including but not limited to cooperation on China, WTO reform, climate and digital.

BusinessEurope President Pierre Gattaz said: "We now have a chance to make a fresh start and enter a new era. European business looks forward to a rekindled transatlantic partnership where the two sides jointly identify new opportunities for close cooperation in areas of common interest. European citizens and business look forward to early signs that the United States again see the European Union as an ally and partner.

A negotiated solution to the Airbus and Boeing disputes would help turn the page and move on to other pressing issues like the much needed adoption of multilateral disciplines on subsidies and overall modernisation of the World Trade Organisation.

While both our economies struggle with the dramatic economic and social impacts of Covid-19, the transatlantic economy can be a powerful engine to support a resilient recovery and bring back sustainable economic growth and new jobs. At the same time, our citizens both in the EU and in the USA would benefit from building a positive bilateral agenda that addresses pressing economic and societal challenges like climate change, digital transformation, healthcare or trade."

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