EU transport negotiations end with over-complex compromise
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EU transport negotiations end with over-complex compromise

Yesterday, proposals on EU road transport legislation were adopted in the European Parliament after a long and bumpy road. The implications of this regulatory package (Mobility Package 1) reach far and concern not only the transport sector – one of the most hit by the current Covid-19 crisis - but also industry at large.

BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer said in reaction to the Parliament’s vote: "The result is an over-complex deal, in some instances lacking legal certainty, jeopardising uniform application and enforcement of rules, all of which are essential for the efficient functioning of our European Single Market. We don’t have enough clarity about the application of certain provisions of the agreed package now, and BusinessEurope has just asked the Commission for clarifications."

Europe also needs answers on remaining questions on the economic, environmental and social impact and we appreciate that the Commission is initiating an additional impact assessment of certain provisions newly agreed by the co-legislators.

"This is a positive signal as BusinessEurope has long called to ensure that the final outcome of the legislative process is covered by an impact assessment", Beyrer added.

The Mobility Package 1 proposal covered areas including access to the road haulage market and access to the profession for passenger and freight transport operators, driving and rest time rules, posting of workers, and enforcement among others.

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