EU a step closer to a functioning market of secondary raw materials
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EU a step closer to a functioning market of secondary raw materials

Today the Environment Committee of the European Parliament approved the New Circular Economy Action Plan report. European businesses are fully on board with the EU’s ambition to achieve a circular economy. Many companies all over Europe have already embarked in this transition.

BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer said: "Upscaling a high-quality market of secondary raw materials will make the circular economy a real growth strategy for Europe. The European Parliament’s vote today brings us one step closer to this goal. It’s essential to implement existing EU legislation to avoid costs. For example, not implementing the waste acquis causes environmental costs associated with illegal landfills, illegal waste export activities and non-realised circular economy market developments. The European Commission estimates these costs at up to 4.8 billion Euro annually.

We need a functioning EU Single Market to make the circular economy a success and we should leave enough flexibility for the different product groups to evolve into the most appropriate solutions within a circular economy. Introducing too many circular economy targets would create problems for a market-based approach."

To see about 200 company examples on circularity and on how European businesses are working towards a circular economy please click here:

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