Energy Cities’ Forum in Brussels: Showcase your local initiatives!
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Energy Cities’ Forum in Brussels: Showcase your local initiatives!

Let’s keep our links!

Trusting the power of networking and of showing collective ambition, “Let’s keep our links” is our motto for 2022 and will be the theme of our Annual Forum.

For the 50th Anniversary of the Club of Rome’s publication “Limits to growth”, we will host debates with key EU leaders: we count on our member cities to showcase their commitments to a future-proofed Europe!

By exploring different forms of cooperation, we want to highlight actions that go beyond fighting and adapting to climate change, to reinvent local economies and policy making at local level. We want to show how vibrant the local energy and climate initiatives are!

And for that, we are launching a call for initiatives.

Don’t miss the opportunity to share your experience, project, or idea in the session dedicated to “Listening, Discovering & Connecting”! On Friday 22 April, from 9:30 to 11:00, participants will be taken on a journey towards inspiring local actions from all over Europe, around five main thematic hubs:

  1. Future-proof local governance and Finance
  2. Fossil-free districts and buildings
  3. Citizens energy for a massive renewable production
  4. Future-proof food systems and land policies
  5. Resource-wise and socially just local economies.

The session will be a dynamic fair, in which the selected initiatives will have a dedicated corner, using any kind of visual support (posters, infographics, videos, pictures, brochures etc..).

Do you have something to share?

If yes (we hope so!), fill in this short application form by 18 March to give visibility to your work and create links with other inspiring actions!

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