Electrolyser Partnership A catalyst for advancing EU industrial leadership, creating sustainable value chains and jobs
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Electrolyser Partnership A catalyst for advancing EU industrial leadership, creating sustainable value chains and jobs

he European Commission unveiled today its plans to kick off a European Electrolyser Partnership. This Partnership aims to address the challenges in establishing and maturing a strong industrial manufacturing base in Europe and identify potential mitigating policies and actions where necessary.

The Electrolyser Partnership was conceived earlier in May at the Electrolyser Summit organised jointly by the European Commission and Hydrogen Europe, where 20 industry CEOs and Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton signed a Joint Declaration outlining the commitment of the electrolyser industry and the European Commission to deliver on the REPowerEU ambitious goals. This dedicated platform will be hosted under the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, which is managed by the European Commission. Hydrogen Europe is delighted to have played a facilitating role in bringing together all parties at a crucial time for the renewable hydrogen sector.

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Hydrogen Europe CEO, commented: “I am delighted that the European Commission managed to bring all necessary stakeholders together with the support of Hydrogen Europe, at a time when the electrolyser sector is in front of tremendous commercial opportunities but also industrial challenges of magnitude. The electrolyser industry must increase its manufacturing capacity ten-fold within the next five years to allow meeting the European goal of 20 million tons of renewably hydrogen by 2030”.  

During the Hydrogen Forum today, Daniel Fraile, Chief Policy officer at Hydrogen Europe, presented the Electrolyser Partnership goals and next steps: “The Electrolyser Partnership will act as a catalyst for advancing EU industrial leadership and fostering increased cooperation between manufacturers, key material suppliers and policy makers. We need to work at a strategic level to ensure that the renewable hydrogen consumed in Europe is done with European technology and that it contributes to a just energy transition creating jobs growth in Europe. The Electrolyser Partnership is the right vehicle to get this done”.

In the next days, the European Commission is opening a call for interest among the Clean Hydrogen Alliance members aiming for a first meeting of the Electrolyser Partnership in September

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