Climate.Brussels e-News 14.11.22
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Climate.Brussels e-News 14.11.22

Climate solutions for Africa must be developed locally, report says.
SHARM EL SHEIKH, Egypt, November 10, 2022 – Climate solutions for Africa must be developed locally, report says. Africa’s share of global emissions accounts for about 2 per cent of the world’s total. Yet it is one of the regions most negatively affected by climate change. Climate resilience and
Europe’s latest offshore auction mainly using non-price criteria is a success
The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) published the results of “Site VII” of the Hollandse Kust West (HKW) tender. It is the latest big auction using non-price criteria. Oranje Wind Power II, a subsidiary of RWE, won the auction. They will build a 700 MW offshore wind farm. Their project also
COP27: Call for UNFCCC and UN to Recognise Fish as “Carbon Engineers”
Sharm El-Sheikh, 11 November 2022:- Fish are Carbon Engineers - that’s the message of a briefing paper released today at COP27 by the Our Fish campaign, which is urging political leaders to act decisively to mainstream good fisheries management as effective carbon management within UNFCCC and UN pro…
EU Commission prioritises automaker profits in historic failure to reduce toxic pollution from cars and trucks
100 million more highly polluting cars will be on our streets for decades to come, when they could be made cleaner for just €300The European Commission has rejected its own expert advice on new rules for non-CO2 car emissions – Euro 7 – aimed at slashing deadly pollution from cars. The Commission
Is Net Zero Enough for the Material Production Sector?
Analysing the decarbonisation pathways for key material sectors and their ability to meet global carbon budget. New report calls for urgent action to reduce material use in key industriesCurrent Net Zero strategies in the materials production sectors are insufficient to meet climate targets Urgent…
Commission bends over backwards for the fertiliser industry
Without obtaining any input from civil society or the scientific community, the Commission has just published its Communication on ensuring availability and affordability of fertilisers which mainly lists support to farmers and fertiliser producers to maintain business-as-usual. Disappointingly, it…
EU is taking a troublesome path to accelerate renewables roll-out, NGOs say
Today’s European Commission proposal for an emergency regulation on renewables does not tackle real obstacles to the energy transition. Rather, by overriding environmental safeguards and democratic checks, it risks creating more, warns the EEB. Scaling up the development of renewables is urgent and…

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