Buy Better Food campaign wants to put sustainable food on all public plates
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Buy Better Food campaign wants to put sustainable food on all public plates

The time has come to make public food procurement a mainstream issue at European level. To this end, we participate in an advocacy campaign on public food procurement Buy Better Food in Europe launched on 14 March. Together with other civil society organisations in the European landscape, we want to ensure mandatory criteria for public food procurement are included in the Sustainable food system framework initiative. The European Commission will publish this initiative by the end of 2023.

The EU Organic Action Plan says to expect minimum mandatory criteria for organic products in the Sustainable food system initiative. But as the food sector is at the crossroads of other issues, such as health and social aspects, minimum mandatory criteria should go beyond organic and adopt a holistic view, focusing on larger aspects of our food.

Buy Better Food – Sustainable food on the public plate, the campaign we co-lead, aims to show the pivotal role public food procurement (PFP) plays in achieving food systems transformation in Europe and beyond. By amplifying good practices and challenges in PFP, this campaign will show how PFP can be a main contributor to sustainable, healthy and fair food systems as advocated by the EU Farm to Fork Strategy and UN Sustainable Development Goals. Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Sarah Wiener is the torchbearer of this campaign within the European Parliament.

Find out more about the campaign on its dedicated page and on Twitter and LinkedIn using @buy_betterfood. You can also contact with any question you may have.

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