Biden win offers hope: EU leaders must get to action
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Biden win offers hope: EU leaders must get to action

Joe Biden has defeated Trump in the U.S. election, offering potential hope for people and the planet.

Jagoda Munić, director of Friends of the Earth Europe, reacted with the following statement:

“Biden’s narrow victory offers a glimmer of hope for people and the planet.
“European leaders must go all out now to help President-elect Biden make transformational action on the climate and planetary crisis a priority. This may be the last administration that can prevent catastrophic climate breakdown – the EU and U.S. must deliver the fair share of climate action people and the planet need.
“We applaud our colleagues and movements in the USA, who have mobilised with success and will continue to use massive grassroots power to push Biden to act boldly to protect peace, people and the planet, and to hold him accountable.
“Black communities, refugees, and women have had their rights trampled under Trump, and Europe should do everything it can to work with Biden to build back from the Covid-19 pandemic a fairer, inclusive, sustainable society, with human dignity and fundamental rights at the centre.”

Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth U.S., issued the following statement in response:

“Friends of the Earth Action congratulates President-elect Biden on winning the presidential election. His record setting popular vote count is a victory for our democracy, our communities, and our planet. Campaigning on the strongest climate change platform in presidential history, President-elect Biden now has a mandate to take bold action on climate change.”

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