Autogas Day 2021 - ‘Rediscovering Autogas’
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Autogas Day 2021 - ‘Rediscovering Autogas’

This year’s Autogas Day, the 3rd edition of this major international event, will again be part of LPG Week, taking place on Thursday 9th December 2021. 2021 focus will be on (re)discovering Autogas – what are the new windows of opportunity, how do we position Autogas as a future fuel, what are the key challenges when telling our story?

Autogas is well-known in some parts of the world like Europe and the U.S. and is only now being discovered in other countries and regions. Why now? Join us on Autogas Day 2021 and hear from industry leaders and external speakers on key developments, challenges, and opportunities, as well as what it takes to enter the market.

According to Ewa Abramiuk-Lété, General Manager of Liquid Gas Europe “Autogas Day is an excellent opportunity to exchange views about the role of LPG as well as bio/ renewable LPG as a transport fuel. There are 250 million cars on European roads creating societal and environmental challenges, and demand for mobility keeps growing. Autogas has a significant role to play in delivering on the Europe’s decarbonisation and air quality objectives, particularly from the existing fleet, which can be retrofitted to LPG. Join us in December for an in-depth debate about the role and the future of Autogas in Europe and beyond.”

More about the event is available here:

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