ARE & BUREA Sign MoU to Further Stimulate Renewable Electrification Efforts in Burundi
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ARE & BUREA Sign MoU to Further Stimulate Renewable Electrification Efforts in Burundi

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the Burundi Renewable Energy Association (BUREA) and the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE). The MoU sets out the shared goals of the two organisations to address the challenges related to the optimal use of the various renewable energies for electrification and the potential for energy efficiency in Burundi. Both organisations agreed to stimulate social and economic development by increasing the share of renewable energies in the energy mix in East Africa and particularly Burundi.

The associations will work together on a number of activities, including accompanying and contributing to the government’s efforts to reach renewable energy targets, targeted business development and market intelligence support for decentralised renewable energy (DRE) companies, and joint advocacy for renewable energy policies in Burundi.

In this regard, the associations aim to further develop the capacity of renewable energy stakeholders in Burundi to create local jobs to drive more financing for renewable energy projects and businesses. This will, for example, be achieved by business events and by spearheading “DRE Investment Academies” or similar trainings for Burundian and international DRE developers and stakeholders, with the aim of providing additional fundraising and technical support.

Finally, the MoU states that the partners will offer support through business development services for renewable energy actors working in Burundi, to address electrification, energy security and climate change challenges, as well as conduct applied research to foster the market for renewable energy technologies.

David Lecoque, CEO of ARE stressed that: “We are excited to sign this landmark partnership with BUREA.

The cooperation fits squarely within ARE’s goal to increase country-level actions and support private sector to boost renewable electrification. It is now time to catalyse investments further to improve energy access in Burundi through partnerships, for example with our long-standing partners GET.invest and ARE Member EDFI

ElectriFI, and the latter are being supported by €10.6 Million from the EU to fund renewable electrification efforts in Burundi through a specific Country Window.”

Théodore Kwigize, Legal representative of BUREA said: “BUREA has a vision for Burundi where each actor understands and fully plays its role for the promotion and access to renewable energies and its mission is to help the country to find adequate solutions to the energy problems in collaboration with other stakeholders in the field, both at the national, regional and international level. It has just signed an MoU with ARE to contribute more to the promotion of renewable energies in Burundi where the rate of electrification is 60.5% in urban areas, 2.6% in rural areas with a national average of 9.1%.”

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