ARE & AMER Sign MoU to Address Energy Access Challenges in Mozambique
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ARE & AMER Sign MoU to Address Energy Access Challenges in Mozambique

Brussels & Maputo, 11 April 2022 - A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the Mozambican Renewable Energy Association (AMER) and the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE). The MoU outlines the shared goals of the two organisations to address the challenges related to the optimal use of the various renewable energies for electrification and the potential for energy efficiency in Mozambique. Both organisations agreed to promote social and economic development by increasing the share of renewable energies in the energy mix in Southern Africa and particularly Mozambique.

The associations will collaborate on various activities, including joint advocacy for renewable energy policies in Mozambique to create a conducive market environment for decentralised renewable energy (DRE) actors, accompanying and contributing to the government’s efforts to achieve renewable energy targets as well as targeted business development and market intelligence support for renewable energy companies.

In this regard, the associations especially aim to develop the capacity of renewable energy stakeholders in Mozambique to create local jobs and enhance the capacity of the sector to attract adequate financing for renewable energy projects and businesses. This will, for example, be achieved by spearheading in-person or virtual “DRE Investment Academies” or similar trainings and capacity building activities for Mozambican and international DRE developers and other stakeholders, with the aim of facilitating additional funding and technical support.

Finally, the MoU states that the partners will offer support through business development services for renewable energy actors working in Mozambique, to address electrification, energy security and climate change challenges, as well as conduct applied research to foster the market for renewable energy technologies.

David Lecoque, CEO of ARE said: “As ARE, we are happy to sign this MoU that lays out concrete steps to advance clean and affordable energy access in Mozambique. Together with AMER, we aim to further empower renewable energy companies and investors active in Mozambique to achieve SDG-7 in the country.”

Gabriele Pammesberger, ARE Africa Lead added: “We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with AMER to jointly foster the development of a thriving, private sector-driven renewable energy sector in Mozambique, specifically by building local capacity and empowering local entrepreneurs. Skills development, capacity building and knowledge exchange will lie at the heart of our cooperation.”

Ricardo Costa Pereira, President of AMER said: “This MoU has come to cement the long and fruitful relationship that AMER and ARE have had over the years that has brought, and will continue to provide, numerous benefits and opportunities for AMER members as well as the overall renewable energy sector”.

Helena Macune, Communication Officer of AMER said: “There is no doubt that this partnership brings a continuity of our relationship with more added value. We believe that both organisations are winners and above all we believe that it will increase our commitment to the work we do for our members”.

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