Air Liquide publishes its first Sustainable Development Report and takes stock of its 2021 action
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Air Liquide publishes its first Sustainable Development Report and takes stock of its 2021 action

Air Liquide releases the inaugural publication of its Sustainability Report which presents the Group’s sustainability ambitions and extra-financial results. It showcases its achievements in contributing to a low-carbon society, improving the quality of life in healthcare and engaging with employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders to nurture a safe, inclusive and collaborative environment.

As the first Air Liquide publication dedicated exclusively to the Group’s sustainability ambitions, the Sustainability Report outlines the commitments announced on March 23, 2021 (ACT - Abatement, Care, Trust) and illustrates proof of its actions to create positive and sustainable impacts for climate, health and people. It also regroups key ESG indicators, in the report as well as in an easy-access downloadable data format.

Air Liquide has long been integrating sustainability in its strategy through its contributions to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) actions and commitments across its organization. Unveiled on March 22, 2022, the Group’s new strategic plan for 2025, ADVANCE, further integrates sustainability into its strategy by combining financial and extra-financial performance, positioning Air Liquide to continue its growth trajectory while contributing to a sustainable future.

The report provides an update of Air Liquide’s progress on its ESG objectives in 2021.

  • The Group reduced its carbon intensity by 24% versus 2015, and is on track to achieve its objective of 30% reduction by 2025 with various decarbonization initiatives across the organization. Despite the strong growth in activity, the Group’s absolute CO2 emissions increased less than 1% on a comparable basis versus past year. This is fully in line with the objective to start decreasing its absolute emissions by 2025, and achieve a 33% reduction by 2035[1] (vs. 2020) on the trajectory to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • As a major global player in healthcare, the Group continued in its pivotal role in improving the quality of life of chronic patients at home in mature economies and by facilitating access to medical oxygen for rural communities in low and middle income countries, with more than 1 million people having benefited from easier access to oxygen at the end of  2021.
  • Through the Group’s efforts as a trusted partner, it increased the percentage of women among its managers and professionals, achieving 31% in 2021 (vs. 21% in 2012). It is well on the way to reach its target of 35% by 2025. In addition, the Group launched new initiatives to bring a common basis of care coverage to 100% of its employees by 2025.

Fabienne Lecorvaisier, Executive Vice President and member of the Executive Committee, in charge of Sustainable Development, Public and International Affairs as well as the supervision of Societal Programs and General Secretariat, said:

“Through the publication of the Sustainability Report, the Group enhances its transparency to the market on the progress achieved towards our stated sustainability ambitions announced on March 23, 2021. Sustainability is firmly embedded in the Group's strategy as a concrete commitment and an enabler linking growth and sustainable development, to build a better future for us all. We know where we are today and where we want to go, and this clear understanding distinguishes Air Liquide as a leader in sustainability.”

  1. ^ [1] Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions

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