Conference on Renewable Mobility "Fuels of the Future"
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Conference on Renewable Mobility "Fuels of the Future"

20th International Conference on Renewable Mobility "Fuels of the Future" on 23rd and 24th January 2023

The 20th International Conference on Renewable Mobility "Fuels of the Future" will take place again from 23rd to 24th January 2023. The motto of the conference is: "Fuels of the Future 2023 - Navigator for sustainable Mobility!" As usual, the event will be bilingual (German-English).

Fuels of the future 2023 welcomes national and international participants including representatives from the raw material collecting and processing industry, the biofuel, mineral oil and automotive industry, the chemical industry, the transport and logistics sector, certification systems as well as from politics, science and research.

The aim of the International Conference is to provide participants with an up-to-date status report on the many different legislative initiatives and to discuss corresponding recommendations for action, to present current market developments and project examples of renewable mobility, and to provide a broad platform for the exchange of experience.

On the International Conference on Renewable Mobility offers the outstanding opportunity to introduce your company or organization to an international audience of experts and/or to present it via sponsoring. You will find details on this in the Exhibition & Participation offer "market place of the future".

Conclusion of the 19th Conference on Renewable Mobility

The 19th International Renewable Mobility Congress "Fuels of the Future 2022", which was held in digital format for the second time from 24 to 28 January 2022, ended on Friday 28 January. The five organising associations of the German biofuel industry welcomed more than 500 participants from more than 31 nations to the digital trade congress.

In a total of 15 forums, more than 60 experts from the biofuel sector as well as the petroleum, automotive and chemical industries, the mobility, logistics and transport sector, politics and science presented their strategies, concepts and measures for more climate protection in transport and discussed them in detail with the participants of the trade congress.  The representatives from the biofuel industry agree: The ambition level of the legal climate protection targets must be raised. Market-introduced biofuels and synthetic fuels are already ready for use. A debate about prioritising e-fuels versus biofuels is therefore obsolete. Both technologies must continue to be promoted and used - each has its own strengths and innovative biofuels will also be needed in the future.

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